Keeping Pace with Needs; Investing $1.89M in our Kids

To keep pace with the needs of our children, youth and families, the LCRB has issued supplemental funding in the amount of $164,141.19. With the addition of supplemental funding this contract cycle, the LCRB’s total investment in contract year 2022-23 services (July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023) now reaches $1,891,355.80. The LCRB awarded supplemental funding to programs that: Provide direct services, such as counseling and case management; are on pace to exhaust LCRB allocations before the end of the contract cycle (June 30, 2023); and have staffing in place to leverage additional investments. Supplemental funding will support therapeutic mentoring, case management, school-based counseling, outpatient psychiatric services, forensic interviews and family advocacy services.
 Read more LCRB updates in the March e-newsletter.
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