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The Lincoln County Resource Board (LCRB) serves as the administrator for the Community Children’s Service Fund, a fund created when Lincoln County’s citizens passed the ¼-cent “Putting Kids First” sales tax measure in November 2006. These funds are used solely to provide mental health-related services for Lincoln County children and youth (ages birth to 19)—working to prevent child abuse and neglect; homelessness; substance abuse; and school-based violence. In our 18-month 2021-22 funding cycle (Jan. 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022), the LCRB will fund more than $2.2 million for programs and services to prevent and address the mental health needs of our young people.

We pledge to use these sales tax revenues prudently as we work to improve the quality, access and system of mental health care for Lincoln County’s children, youth and their families.