Our History

4660614_lA group of citizens, concerned about the lack of readily available mental health services in Lincoln County, began meeting in 2000. These concerned citizens worked to bring mental health services to Lincoln County with its inaugural suicide prevention program offered to Lincoln County high schools.

After working several years to address the county’s mental health care needs, the group pursued the development of a permanent mental health board for Lincoln County. Through these citizens’ dedicated efforts, and with the cooperation of Lincoln County’s Commissioners, this board became a reality.

In 2003, the Lincoln County Commissioners established the Lincoln County Children, Family and Mental Health Board of Trustees, now called the Lincoln County Resource Board (LCRB). The LCRB Trustees were instrumental in securing a two-year grant, received in January of 2004 from the Missouri Foundation for Health (MFFH), allowing Catholic Family Services, Crider Health Center and Preferred Family Healthcare to provide services to children and youth at the Lincoln County Wellness Center.

After the two-year grant expired, the LCRB provided funding to keep the Lincoln County Wellness Center in operation until September of 2007, after Lincoln County voters elected to “Put Kids First” and establish the Community Children’s Services Fund.

Today, the LCRB funds prevention, intervention and treatment programs for Lincoln  County children and youth (ages 0-19) and their families through a ¼ cent sales tax designated for mental health services. Our volunteer-based board of trustees acts as an independent oversight board, which oversees the establishment, operation and maintenance of these mental health services and provides leadership in the development and implementation of early intervention, prevention and life skills programs.

The LCRB remains responsive to public opinion regarding the priority mental health needs of our children and youth. Every three years, the LCRB publishes a county-wide needs assessment, which outlines the state of mental health and substance use disorder  services for children and youth in Lincoln County. The LCRB Board relies on the needs assessment findings for funding allocations, which from Jan. 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022, will total more than $1.9 million for children’s mental health services.