LCRB Success Stories-Praise for the Pinocchio Program

LCRB Reports Outcomes from the Jan. 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 Funding Cycle

  • During the 18-month funding cycle, LCRB-funded programs served 2,463 Lincoln County children and youth (and 815 parents/guardians) with direct  services, which include counseling, parenting classes, psychiatry, respite care, mentoring, case management, home-based prenatal and infant care provided by registered nurses, child advocacy services, substance use disorder outpatient treatment and early and crisis intervention services.
  • Additionally, 16,436 Lincoln County children and youth participated in LCRB-funded prevention programs, which include sexual abuse prevention and Internet safety; social emotional learning programs; violence prevention (topics range from anger/conflict management and bullying/cyberbullying to coping skills, self esteem and healthy relationships); resiliency skills and toxic stress management with a drug-specific prevention curriculum; and healthy relationships and risk avoidance.
  • Each LCRB-funded program offers our kids, families and county at least three clinical outcomes (beyond the confidential individual and family treatment plans and goals). LCRB-funded providers report their clinical outcomes achievement to the LCRB for accountability and future funding considerations. In addition, providers are invited to share stories of their programs’ successes. The LCRB will highlight some of these stories, changing all identifying information to protect privacy, so the community may better understand the impact of LCRB funding in our county and have a greater awareness of the programs we offer to address our children’s and families’ evolving mental health needs.
Read more LCRB updates in the September e-newsletter.

Praise for the Compass Health Network Pinocchio Program

The Pinocchio Program provides early identification and intervention services to kindergarten through third grade students who are exhibiting early social and school adjustment issues. Based on needs and funding capacity, the LCRB currently funds Pinocchio at the following Lincoln County schools: Sacred Heart, Troy; Immaculate Conception, Old Monroe; William Cappel Elementary, Moscow Mills; Lincoln Elementary, Troy; Boone Elementary, Troy; and Winfield Primary School. Here are some of the school and caregiver comments about the program during the 2021-22 funding cycle:

“It was astonishing to see the difference the Pinocchio Program made for my child! He not only grew as a person, and developed better tools for managing big feelings, but it helped us as an entire family as well.”

“Melinda (the Pinocchio Associate) is such a valuable asset to our school community! She is so good at establishing relationships with her students and families and helping them find resources to help their situations. She also shares ideas and reflections with us teachers too–a much needed backup!”

“This is a great program that we truly value as an additional tool to help support and develop our child. He loves being a part of the Pinocchio program. We appreciate this opportunity for him and our family.”

“This program and Ms. Nicole (the Pinocchio Associate) have been a God-send for my daughter and her confidence and growth. I cannot say enough and we are sad this is her last year.”

“I can’t thank you enough for working with our son and helping him figure out his emotions. He now knows all the emotions and how to express them and work through them, also helping build him up.”

“Ms. Kadlec (the Pinocchio Associate) is a phenomenal addition to the Compass Health Network. Her extensive knowledge of childhood development and the school environment is incredibly beneficial to her success and the success of the program. Our students are fortunate to work with her.”

“The Pinocchio Program did wonders for my student. She looked forward to going every week. This is such a great and valuable program for students. I just wish this program was available to more students since our world is changing so rapidly.”
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