LCRB-Funded Programs Serve Thousands of Local Youth in 2017

In 2017, the LCRB allocated $1.2 million across 10 non-profit agencies to provide local children and youth (up to age 19) with access to community-based prevention, early intervention and crisis services. Through LCRB funding, the services are offered at no out-of-pocket costs to Lincoln County families. At the conclusion of 2017, LCRB-funded providers documented direct services for 1,810 Lincoln County children and youth, supporting 586 parents and/or caregivers. Additionally, LCRB-funded prevention programs, largely provided within the school setting, reached 9,953 Lincoln County kids. Prevention topics include body safety, bullying/cyberbullying, anger and conflict management, coping skills, self-esteem, healthy relationships and more. In all cases, consumer identification and information is held confidential by the funded agencies. LCRB-funded providers also adhere to established clinical objectives, which measure Lincoln County youth’s progress and health advances. Youth assessments include measuring students’ academic performance and attendance; symptom levels; coping skills; ability to recognize and report bullying or abuse; retention in the family home; reduction in juvenile law referrals; and more.

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