LCRB-Funded Programs Serve 1,282 Youth in Six Months

According to the 2018 mid-year provider reports, LCRB-funded mental health specialists documented that they directly served 1,282 Lincoln County children and youth, or 9 percent of Lincoln County youth. Direct services include: individual and group counseling, psychiatry, therapeutic mentoring, advocacy, case management, home visits, respite care and equine-assisted psychotherapy.

Additionally, LCRB-funded prevention programs were presented to 5,822 local students by June 30, 2018. Age-appropriate prevention programs focused on bullying and cyber bullying; body and Internet safety; self-esteem; diversity and acceptance; anger and conflict resolution; family addictions; dealing with loss; healthy relationships; suicide prevention; critical thinking; risk avoidance; school violence; drug and alcohol education; and more.  

While outcome measures vary across programs, the clinical objectives serve to assess gains in Lincoln County youth’s academic performance and school attendance; coping skills; symptom levels; ability to recognize and report bullying or abuse; retention in the family home; freedom from law enforcement involvement; and more.

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