2016 Clinical Outcomes Report: Catholic Family Services’ Success Story

“Sam” recently completed her first semester in college, making the dean’s list while maintaining a part-time job and promotion to a supervisory position. She has a number of quality friendships and is rebuilding relationships with her family.  She is pleased with where she is at in life and believes that she has a bright future. This was not always the case for “Sam,” who came to Catholic Family Services at the recommendation of her school guidance counselor. At that time, “Sam” was suffering from depression, anxiety and family dysfunction/trauma. “Sam” was self-harming and every area of her life, including her grades, were effected. Through the sessions, “Sam” began to feel empowered and made noticeable strides in her recovery. She became involved in numerous school activities and clubs and was considered as a leader by her classmates and faculty. By graduation, “Sam” was a confident young lady and a positive role model to so many students who shared how “Sam” had changed their lives through her kindness. Currently, “Sam” plans to begin her career as a teacher, then transition to a counselor or social worker.  She is grateful for the help she received because of the grant funding and now wants to give back to the community.
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