LCRB May 2022 eNewsletter

LCRB May 2022 Newsletter

2022 LCRB Funding Allocation

LCRB Approves Largest Funding Allocation in its History

The Lincoln County Resource Board (LCRB) has approved $1.74 million in funding for local children and youth mental health services. The LCRB’s next 12-month funding cycle begins July 1, 2022 and will conclude June 30, 2023, supporting 12 nonprofit agencies/public entities and 22 programs.

Funded services include: school-based prevention and early intervention services; crisis care; counseling; parent support and home-based programs; psychiatric services; substance use disorder prevention and outpatient services; therapeutic mentoring; case management; and more.

Additionally, the LCRB will introduce two newly funded services: forensic interviews for children and youth who disclose abuse and mental health therapy services for child and youth victims of abuse.

The LCRB’s increased funding for Lincoln County kids reflects the urgent need for local mental health services. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Children’s Hospital Association have declared a national emergency in children’s mental health, citing the serious toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on top of existing challenges.

Perspectives from our LCRB Chairperson Kathy Boessen
“Sixteen years after Lincoln County voted to “Put Kids Frist” and establish the Lincoln
County Resource Board, we honor this commitment to our children by investing in their
mental health and addressing timely needs. We are dedicated to meeting the evolving
mental health needs of our local children and, thanks to our community members who
shop locally, we can now fund the greatest level of care in the LCRB’s history.”

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