Contracted Agencies

9716026_lThe Lincoln County Resource Board (LCRB) allocated approximately $1.2 million in funding for 2017 children’s mental health services. The funding will cover 10 non-for-profit agencies that provide direct treatment services and early intervention and prevention programming, addressing mental health needs and promoting the safety and wellness of Lincoln County youth. LCRB-funded services include crisis care; mental health training and support groups; parenting programs; psychiatric services; substance abuse services; therapeutic mentoring; school-based prevention programs and more.

FY 2017 LCRB Funded Agencies

  • Catholic Family Services, 636-528-5911
  • School-based counseling
  • Outpatient counseling, including parenting classes and anger management
  • Psychiatric services: 636-281-1990
  • The Child Center, 636-332-0545
  • Child abuse prevention program
  • Home and community-based family advocacy to reduce trauma and provide ongoing support for the child and non-offending caregiver
  • Crider Health Center, 636-332-8387
  • School-based and home-based mental health specialists
  • In-school early intervention services
  • School-based prevention programs
  • Family Advocacy and Community Training (F.A.C.T.), 636-949-2425
  • Parent peer-support and family advocate program to navigate mental health and educational systems
  • Preferred Family Healthcare, Inc., 636-528-7226
  • School-based substance abuse prevention and early intervention services
  • Outpatient substance abuse treatment services, including services at The Farm
  • Sts. Joachim & Ann Care Service, 636-441-1302
  • Home- and community-based intervention services to prevent homelessness and hunger
  • Crisis Nursery Wentzville, 636-887-3070
  • Respite care for children 0-12 during times of family crisis and parent empowerment services
  • Nurses for Newborns, 800-452-4784
  • In-home infant and family assessments and parent support services
  • Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services, 314-785-0180
  • Therapeutic mentoring services
  • ThriVe, 314-991-7990
  • School-based sexual integrity program promoting teen health and safety